Communist Persuasion

Communist Persuasion

King Carry

Are we outnumbered?
Tell me can’t be
The Red Tide’s a’rising
Must up the ante

Communique’s coming, oh no…
Country’s dissolving
Ain’t it terrible, oh no…
Communist Persuasion

Better get ready
Ready to fight
Gov, Gov is the censor, oh no…
And that’s not right

We must not give up now, oh no…
We mustn’t be blind
Truth cries to your soul (cries to your soul)
Truth opens your mind

[don’t listen to Commie lies]

Communist Persuasion, mmm, mmm
Brings on tribulation
Communist Persuasion
Commun-ist Persuasion

U S fiasco
If we’re brought down
Communist real deal, oh no…
A Communist crown

All Barack’s lies spun
Throughout all our nation
Commie Black Muslim Brotherhood
Communist Persuasion, yeah

Communist Persuasion, oh no…
Communist Persuasion, oh no…
Communist Persuasion, oh no…oh…no, no, no


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