Choir Boys for Allah

Choir Boys for Allah

Choir Boys for Allah 2

Muhammad was plain crazy
Led followers down road to hell
Hate on the world – all the whole way around
Yes they are mad – don’t be like them
Their teachings are wrong
Watch your backs as they descend – need to put them down

All these men are pure evil
Legacy is death and crime
Like claws hold on, they’re thick as thieves
They want you all as converts
Or you’ll encounter pain
Muzzie men are cray-cray, they’re killer bees

Turban scams of Muhammad
They’ll bomb your everything you have
Like claws hold on to take those you love
People!  Please wake up in time!

Muzzie men are plain crazy
Satan owns their souls
Their minds bring you such misery
Muhammad’s pegged them for a fool
He’s a dead end, you know
Exorcise — these wanna’ be’s

Muzzie men are plain crazy
Don’t let them ‘sing their songs’
Don’t want them to haunt
God’s lovely world

Yes, all these men are plain crazy
You know you cannot make a deal
‘Cause hear me they’re not, a dream-world
Muhammad was plain crazy…


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