A Busy Saturday on Facebook 2

Gosh. I had a busy Saturday on Facebook.

Here are four images I created yesterday for your enjoyment.


Something About Mary

Only Barack Obama would claim that the Republican victory last week doesn’t change the fact that he has a mandate from the people to push ahead with his unconstitutional policies. This man is delusional.

You see. Apparently, those 2/3 of registered voters who didn’t vote really do like Obama and want him to continue forcing his agenda on us.

Delusional Mandate

Speaking of delusional.

Wendy Davis’ campaign cannot seem to grasp that the reason she lost was because she was deeply disliked by Texas voters. Her campaign never had a snowball’s chance in hell from the get-go. But poor Wendy doesn’t get it.

Her failed campaign actually blamed the Ebola outbreak in Texas as a reason she lost.


Wendy Concedes

Speaking of delusional, again.

Nancy Pelosi said this, “I don’t consider it a wave. I think it’s an ebb — an ebbing of Democratic voters rather than a wave of Republican voters, because I don’t think the American people gave anybody a great big seal of approval.”

The truth is, Nancy, Barack and Harry Reid refuse to see the obvious — that they are governing against the will of the people.

Denial. It isn’t just a river in Egypt.

Nancy Harry whistle

2 thoughts on “A Busy Saturday on Facebook

  1. ckc Nov 9,2014 11:08

    Why the hell do you have a facebook account? Guess you support the idiot mark “let all the wetbacks in” suckerburg. Well I don’t and won’t support anyone that does. Have fun, bye.

  2. Dianny Nov 9,2014 11:45

    Oh, dear! I guess you told me!

    What better way to be a thorn in the side of our opposition but taking the fight to them? You think avoiding Facebook is going to hurt Zuckerburg? Have you ever stopped to consider that having a solid conservative presence on Facebook may actually be beneficial?

    I do not pay one red cent to Facebook. What’s more, I have Ad Blocker activated, so those who advertise through Facebook can’t advertise to me.

    If you don’t want to have a Facebook account, then don’t have a Facebook account. It’s a free country.

    If you want to avoid All the Right Snark because one of its contributors has a public Facebook page, go ahead. Again. It’s a free country.

    But stop and consider what having a large conservative presence on Facebook does. It is using a medium created by our opposition against him.

    Where in the name of sweet fancy Moses is the bad in doing that?
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