Banana Republic

Today, Barack Obama was doing his level best to portray the Republicans in Congress as irresponsible assholes who do not want to raise the debt limit to accommodate all of Barack Obama’s wild spending.

This tin-pot dictator who has done more to make this once great nation a third-world banana republic with our very own Hugo Chavez actually bitched, “This is the United States of America — we’re not some banana republic, this is not a deadbeat nation, we don’t run out on our tab.”

Listen genius. The Republicans are not attempting to “run out on the tab.” We take in enough tax revenue to service our debt and continue paying essential services. Raising the debt ceiling isn’t about meeting our financial obligations regarding our debt; it is about your hell-bent intentions to continue to grow government and spend and spend and spend.

The Republicans in Congress that are trying to stop you are doing it on the American People’s behalf.

You are the one who has turned this great nation into a banana republic!

You are the one who is irresponsible when it comes to other people’s money.

Four letters, Mr. President: STFU


2 thoughts on “BANANA REPUBLIC

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  2. JT Sep 21,2013 13:31

    This is what happens when Our Affirmative Action Community Organizer, Little Barry Bummer; a known Liar and Fraud with a lot to hide, is confronted by people with integrity who actually know what they’re talking about. Little Barry gets all mad, gets insulting and calls people names. Be careful, Barry’s TEAM will start to malign and slander you and you’ll become a racist next. Maybe you’ll end up buried on the Plantation somewhere under a banana tree.
    We have bestowed grave responsibility and privilege and honor and awards upon this lying, peevish little reprobate who has earned none of it and continues to prove daily that he has no interest in being an honorable public servant. If Barry was the CEO of Nabisco, he’d be indicted for fraud and mishandling of Company funds yet we continue to refer to Little Barry as Mr. President. He’s not an American President, he’s a Chicago thug and that outfit suits him to a tee!

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