American Rhythm 1

American Rhythm –


It’s steeped deep into your brain and your psyche —
It is good and it is well I am here to tell —
It is growing from the hearts and the minds of Greats —
It’s the home of the brave we all know —

And everytime I hear She’ll not be staying
If we can outlast en-e-mies so —
From the very moment of our Being
Everything about us stands for Freedom!

“Let’s Roll”
We declare!

American Rhythm
We love our country so
American Rhythm
We’ll stand beside Her
Envy of all nations
From far and wide they know
Why we’re always makin’
The world much better

Each morning know we’re the lucky ones
We’re the backbone of the nations
We are the Might that gets all things done

We know that backed up to a corner
We’ll fight the whole day long
Freedom is what matters
We’re at the ready

There’s no other spin-off
There’s just us all along
We are the world’s cast-offs
And now we’re happy

Oh how we long for all the world – we helped – to see
American Rhythm
Oh won’t they stop fightin’ the Free —


Nobody’s gonna take it away!
Take it away, you see
Yank Rhythm permeates all the way-ay-ay



‘Merican Rhythm is life to me
Rhythm that’s right for me
Made us all cool, you see
Swap it?
Swap it?
American Rhythm – never swap for the commies!

[ American Rhythm on display to enjoy ]


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  1. Googie Sep 19,2016 12:00

    Here is a fascinating video of the making of this musical production behind the scenes. Amazing!
    Googie recently posted…American RhythmMy Profile

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