America First! 1

America First!

America First

( ooo )
We’ve neglected our own country
There’s signs warning
We must take care of our small world

Gonna take work — everybody
Good and bad times
Americans should come first

Ohh — Good life for you and me
The reason our Land was to — BE —
No matter, What, Where’s or Why’s
Eyes on the prize!
No better country this world can give WE!

So we’ve got to take care
Stop neglecting our own small world
And protect her with all our might
And show her that she’s worthwhile
Our nation comes first — world!
( a jewel so rare )

And uphold, honor our own Sovereignty!

That’s why — got to take care
Our lives depend — to not give in
To all the despot A-holes
Our children live here — let them grow
That as ONE country — we’re home!
( oh it’s home )
( oh it’s home )
( a jewel so rare )
Got to take care, got to take care
( a jewel so rare )
Got to take care, got take care…


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  1. Googie Jul 27,2016 20:55

    I want to give a thanks out the the People’s Cube for always allowing me to join their terrific stable of songwriters…
    Googie recently posted…America First!My Profile

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