DIANNY RANTS: Mission Accomplished

DIANNY RANTS: Mission Accomplished
I am outraged at the killing of 2 police officers in Brooklyn. That is why we stress non violence as the only way to fight for justice. — Reverend Al Sharpton (@TheRevAl) December 20, 2014 Yeah. I’m not buying it either. Though, I’m sure even Al Sharpton has the brain wattage to know that tweeting ...

DIANNY RANTS: Some Saturday Odds & Ends

DIANNY RANTS: Some Saturday Odds & Ends
It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas in Obama’s America. The Royal Family has begun their 17 day vacation in Hawaii. Schools around the nation are apologizing to parents who might be offended by Santa Claus or Holiday concerts or the dreaded nativity scenes. But fear not! Nobody will be getting a lump of ...

DIANNY RANTS: What if Al Sharpton Was White? 6

DIANNY RANTS: What if Al Sharpton Was White?
Could you imagine the outrage if a Congressman founded The Congressional White Caucus? Sweet merciful Zeus! I shudder to think of the eruption of anger that would follow. Rachel Maddow would put on her “I’m a Rhode’s Scholar” face and stare intently into the camera while forcefully explaining in her best “serious voice” how incredibly ...

Friday Fun

Friday Fun
Here’s a little Friday Fun from DIANNY! I personally believe that Barack Obama and John Kerry have spit in the face of those men, women and children who risked everything to escape the dark night of communist dictatorship in Cuba. But, honestly, who’s surprised that they would? Obama and Kerry never risked their lives to ...

Let’s Grow! 2

Let's Grow!
BREAKING NEWS: Exclusively at All the Right Snark! Michelle Obama has abandoned her five-year initiative “Let’s Move” and decided to focus her time and energy on a new program she has named “Let’s Grow!” According to the Nancy Sikofant, the Deputy Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Unnecessary First Lady Affairs, the “Let’s Grow!” Mission ...

From Hussein Youngman to the Royal Family 2

From Hussein Youngman to the Royal Family
Just a few images from DIANNY to round out your Thursday. From Hussein Youngman to the Royal Family and a few Throwback Thursday Cuba-style tossed in for good measure. Crickets*Crickets*Crickets. Poor Hussein Youngman. His speechwriters just aren’t as funny as they think they are. So, Jeb Bush announced an “exploratory committee” to explore his inevitable ...


SONY SURRENDERS TO KIM JONG UN and allows North Korea to determine what Americans should be allowed to see at the movie theaters.  Inch by inch our freedoms are being eroded, not only by foreign terrorists but by our own regime.  (See school lunches, Common Core, Obamacare, TSA, Amnesty for felons, etc., etc., etc.)

THURSDAY LIGHTNING ROUND: ¡Viva la Revolución! 2

Round 1: ¡Viva la Revolución! Looks like the Castro boys are getting their own Stimulus. Barack Obama wants to give a failing communist dictatorship an economic shot in the arm! We can’t have communism failing on Obama’s watch, nosiree. So all you folks who escaped this brutal dictatorship for freedom in the US only to ...

We’re Victims Too!!! 4

We're Victims Too!!!
Dianny here. So, People Magazine has the “Racism Interview” with Michelle Obama. Goodie! Another opportunity for Michelle to claim the mantle of Victim. Have you ever seen two people more desperate to howl to the heavens, “We’re victims too!!!” like Michelle and Barack Obama? I point out in Volume One of RANT: Remember Steve Martin’s ...

DIANNY RANTS: The Independent Voter Myth 2

DIANNY RANTS: The Independent Voter Myth
The Facebook Page “Right Wing Rants and Raves” linked to my column from Sunday, “The Horror of Working on Saturday.” One man, I’ll just call him Joe, actually gave the Establishment GOP argument against Cruz almost word-for-word: The problem is that while Cruz has the hearts and minds of the Tea Party wing of thr ...
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