We’ve Lost That YANKEE Feeing

We've Lost That YANKEE Feeing
We’ve Lost That YANKEE Feeing We never wave our flag anymore when we need it most And there’s no re-ver-ence like before in our country now (our country now) Mmm, we’re trying hard to ignore it, these days But, these days, these days we know it We’ve lost that YANKEE feeling Oh, that YANKEE feeling ...

Slow Dianny Week on Facebook

Slow Dianny Week on Facebook
It’s been a slow Dianny week on Facebook, but it’s actually good news. As you may recall, this Monday, I introduced a new DIANNY TEES design and the sales have been spectacular! As a sole proprietor of a home business, having great sales is a godsend. This shirt design went from brand new to the ...

DIANNY RANTS: Strategy 6

So, our Miracle-Man, our “I got bin Laden” Commander-in-Chief, our lower the seas and heal the planet Messiah went on record yesterday declaring that he does not have a strategy to deal with the ever-growing caliphate spreading across the Middle East like a bad case of the clap. Harken back to last week after James ...

Clueless – The Bored Game 1

Clueless - The Bored Game
Clueless – The Bored Game With plummeting poll numbers, our POTUS appears disengaged, uninterested, and just plain CLUELESS as our country faces some of the biggest challenges in its history.  Even Democrats are starting to agree.  (Read more here)

DIANNY RANTS: Insanity 4

There is a saying oft attributed to Albert Einstein, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.” And herein lies the fundamental problem with the Republican Establishment who live by the old childhood bully question, “Why ya hittin’ yerself?! Why ya hittin’ yerself?!” The GOP Establishment doesn’t ...


Hey, Obama! Suck it, ya hoser! The Burger King has moved his Kingdom to the Great White North. That’s right, Obama, ya knob! Take off, eh! Hey, hose-head, Obama. You keep raising corporate taxes, and you can expect more businesses to take off. Burger King has been an American staple for decades. And then, along ...

Just Stand Still

Just Stand Still
Just Stand Still When you see us stalkin’ down your street Do not be a clown just turn around Just stand still, let us kill Don’t believe that you can outrun us Just let us shoot in public ’cause each time we find you Shoot you down to kill Just stand still.  Halt!  Stop! Just stand still.  Halt!  Stop! Let us kill… ...

New at Dianny Tees

New at Dianny Tees
New at Dianny Tees in both men’s and ladies’ T-shirts, “Nazarene.” A Dianny Tees customer emailed me yesterday and requested that I offer a t-shirt with the Arabic letter “nun.” I’ve been seeing this image pop up on people’s Twitter and Facebook profile pictures and agreed with my customer that this design would be a ...

DIANNY RANTS: Greatest Show on Earth 1

DIANNY RANTS: Greatest Show on Earth
Come one! Come all to the Greatest Show on Earth! Yes, ladies and gentlemen! We bring you PC Sharpton and Holder Circus! Step right this way! The only thing less solemn than golfing is inviting Al Sharpton to “preach” at a funeral. We thought the Wellstone Memorial was bad? Honey, that was downright respectful compared ...

DIANNY RANTS: Vacation’s End 2

DIANNY RANTS: Vacation's End
Sunday, Barack Obama returned to Washington from Martha’s Vineyard. Yes, friends. It’s vacation’s end. Time to get back to working his three hour days that begin around ten in the morning and end with a lunch — often with Joe Biden. Well, I guess watching Joe eat unassisted is work. I’m sure Obama will knuckle ...
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