DIANNY RANTS: Hero Homicide Complex 1

DIANNY RANTS: Hero Homicide Complex
This is how a civil society is destroyed. From the top. I never thought I would see in my lifetime a President of the United States who foments divisions, tacitly encourages violence while he elevates the malcontents and miscreants of our society. But that is precisely what we have in Barack Hussein Obama. He is ...

Dianny’s Been Busy 1

Dianny's Been Busy
It’s Monday. I always have oodles of energy on Monday, so Dianny’s been busy today. Here are a few images I’ve cobbled together today for your enjoyment. I love doing movie posters with Ted Cruz. I’ve done him as Braveheart and Superman as well as the Patriot. Today, I decided to make him Gladiator. I ...

DIANNY RANTS: Anschluss 2

In 1938, without firing a shot, Nazi Germany claimed Austria. When Adolf Hitler left Austria as a young man, he was a poor street agitator. When he returned after the Anschluss, he entered Vienna the conquering hero. Crowds pressed in to see him. Women wept. Children cheered. Everyone saluted. I heard the sound bites of ...

Dear Mr. Boehner and other images by DIANNY

Dear Mr. Boehner and other images by DIANNY
Dear Mr. Boehner: Just how far does Barack Obama have to go before you discover your long-lost testicles and put a stop to this? Maybe a better word to use in this particular situation is cajones. We the people want you to stop Obama. And what do you do? Nothing. We the People do not ...

Ferguson Say Your Prayers

Ferguson Say Your Prayers
Ferguson Say Your Prayers O—-bama Lit a fire In Ferguson Anarchy Agitators Free-for-all scrum Barack’s Henchmen Ferguson Say your prayers Ferguson Right now Chaos! Pressure! On the! People! Now! Ferguson In his sites Racial strife Orchestrated… Obama Lit a fire Ferguson Right Now Ferguson In his sites Radical! Racist! Coming to spread hate! Watch out! Googie

DIANNY RANTS: Glory Days 2

Do not underestimate Barack Obama’s massive ego when attempting to noodle out why he jumped off the Constitutional cliff and took a nosedive into tyranny this week. The truth is, you can never, ever remove Obama’s massive ego from any equation having to do with what he does, what he doesn’t do, what he says ...

A Couple DIANNY Images

A Couple DIANNY Images
Here’s a couple DIANNY Images to take you into the weekend. It’s been a real horse race for me these last few days. WhattaGruber and ImaDictator have been running neck-in-neck. Toward the end of the week ImaDictator broke out to take the lead by a length, but WhattaGruber was following on his tail. And, in ...

DIANNY RANTS: Dictator Obama 1

DIANNY RANTS: Dictator Obama
I really have no interest in parsing the web of lies Barack Obama spit out last night. So, if you were expecting a dissection from Dianny today, I’m sorry. But why bother? Yesterday afternoon, I figured I knew exactly what Obama was going to say. He would claim our system is broken. He would claim ...

Heil Amnesty

Heil Amnesty
Heil Amnesty ! (click on video for music) Who?  Who? Yeah, yeah You are the votes for future And you are our road to power Just you and us Just fill a bus Illegals are all things we’ve ever dreamed of Yeah, yeah Give me your own salute ‘Heil!’ Promise you’ll always follow Just me all ...

DIANNY RANTS: Dancing in the Streets 2

DIANNY RANTS: Dancing in the Streets
Liberals in America are a lot like the Palestinians in Gaza. Have you noticed? Nineteen barbarians use planes as weapons and slaughter over three thousand American citizens, and the Palestinians celebrated by dancing in the streets. Two barbarians slaughter rabbis in a synagogue in Jerusalem (note to CNN, a synagogue, not a mosque, you morons) ...
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