DIANNY RANTS: Pig in a Poke 1

DIANNY RANTS: Pig in a Poke
I’ve been re-reading the Harry Potter books in the evenings, and just the other day, when reading how the Ministry of Magic had wizards whose job it was to arrive on the scene when Muggles saw a bit of magic and perform a spell on them so that they had no memories of the magic ...

DIANNY RANTS: Organizing for Israel 1

DIANNY RANTS: Organizing for Israel
You want to hear something that will make the top of your head explode? The very same gaggle of people who howled to the heavens about John Boehner inviting Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before Congress so close to the Israeli Knesset elections are sending campaign operatives to Israel to help defeat Netanyahu [hat tip Breitbart]. ...

Behave Like a Child, We’ll Treat You Like One

Behave Like a Child, We'll Treat You Like One
What is it with our slouching prepubescent President? He turns up at the 70th Anniversary of D-Day back in June and, while the speakers were speaking, sat there chewing on his gum like a cow chews cud. Remember? I wrote about it back then in my column, Gum-Chewing, Golf Playing Lightweight. Barack Obama wasn’t the ...

That’s Not Fair!!! 2

That's Not Fair!!!
That’s what middle-class economics is — the idea that this country does best when everyone gets their fair shot, everyone does their fair share, everyone plays by the same set of rules. We don’t just want everyone to share in America’s success, we want everyone to contribute to our success. [Barack Obama State of the ...

DIANNY RANTS: Hippie Foreign Policy 2

DIANNY RANTS: Hippie Foreign Policy
Seriously? How does John Kerry manage to walk and talk at the same time without plowing into walls and stumbling down a flight of stairs? This guy is so unbalanced I suspect that Joe Biden has some stiff competition for Most Delusional Democrat Alive. I’ve posited in the past (here and here) that the Obama ...

Barry Overthrow 3

Barry Overthrow
Barry Overthrow I’ve been scheming forever And I’m taking over the world I put the “I” in the me, myself and only I am insane and I’ll write the laws I’ll write the laws that make the people cringe I’ll write the laws because I can, you see? I’ll write the laws that over vilify I’ll ...

Classic Hollywood Moments with Barack Obama 1

Classic Hollywood Moments with Barack Obama
Hello, and welcome to this special broadcast of “Classic Hollywood Moments with Barack Obama.” Sit back and enjoy these special memories from Hollywood’s Golden Age:

DIANNY RANTS: This Will Not End Well 1

DIANNY RANTS: This Will Not End Well
Have you heard who is going represent the United States of America at the funeral of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia? Yup. Uncle Joe Biden. Yeah. This will not end well. Hey, I suppose it could be worse. John Kerry could have been the one to go. He probably would have taken Reba ...

American Griper

American Griper
American Griper: The Most Lethal Complainer in U.S. History.

This Explains a LOT

This Explains a LOT
Wow. You know what? This explains a LOT. Not only do these people vote for Obama, but Obama turns to these people to advance and promote his agenda. Like I said. This explains a LOT. Like why we feel as if we’re swirling the toilet bowl. Sweet merciful Zeus. –Dianny
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